Update - September Zine: Ticketzine 1
TL;DR:  The zine i'm working on this month is about movie tickets. Each page will feature one movie ticket surrounded by doodles and sketches having to do with that movie. It will be the typical 24 page quarter fold mini magazine.  

I have a lot of movie and event tickets. like.. binders worth. movies, concerts, and sportsball games, I keep finding more too in the bottom of old moving boxes and used as bookmarks. The oldest so far is a Mortal Kombat movie stub from 1995 which was right after a flood that I lost most of my possessions. I have a feeling i'll find some older ones as I go through and downsize my life the next few months in books i was able to save though. I'd love to find my Batman 89', Overboard, Beetlejuice, or Adams Family stubs as I still vividly remember going to those showings. It's doubtful, but it would be really freaking cool. 


This will be the first of many future zine volumes and range from 1995 to present day movies and hopefully be a project that turns into a full length book chronicling my movie adventures over the decades. I don't know if this is something people would be interested in but it seems like a fun project for a future coffee table book combining all of the zines and a way to keep me on track for doodling daily.