Update September 2015
Hello patrons! Here is your monthly update of what’s going on with the Patreon page.

New comic!

I’m really excited about the Little Women comic I launched this past month. I’m going to be using a lot of the Patreon funds to help further the project, including printing some minicomics, promoting the website, and eventually publishing some books!

You can give extra support to the comic by sharing the url littlewomengraphicnovel.com and the Patreon link patreon.com/danidraws.

Become a patron, get a Little Women sketch!

To encourage some new pledges, I’m gonna be offering pencil sketches of a Little Women character for everyone that joins the page at at least $5. The details are on the main page.

This is a new feature I’m adding for NEW patrons, so I’m not making this available as a regular reward. However, to make this sorta benefit current patrons as well, here are a few more notes:

 - If you are a current patron pledging $1 or $3, you can increase your pledge to $5 or more and get a sketch as well.

 - And for this month only, if you are currently pledging $5 or more, just message me to say you saw this, and I’ll send you a sketch next month. If I do similar offers in the future, I’m simply going to offer the product for sale during the month.


The winner of this month’s giveaway has been notified and claimed. The prize was a couple signed prints. Congrats!

Starting this month, I will be changing the giveaway system. I’ve decided to cancel them until I’ve gathered more patrons. It will be more cost effective for me this way. I’ve added a new milestone goal and will reinstate them when I reach $250. Thanks for understanding!

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