Update: Start of Week 2
My first week on Patreon has come and gone, and I’m so touched that people have chosen to get involved so early in the life of this page. Launching something new is really daunting (especially when it essentially involves asking for money!). Thank you for making it pain-free.

Since launch day, I’ve made my first two videos (and already let the inner control freak surface and pull down the first one in order to do it better), reviewed and tweaked a couple of reward levels, and made a whole ream of notes for myself about what else I can do to make this a worthwhile investment for people. I’ve also started to set up and populate a patron-only section on my website to house the monthly downloads.

Tonight I’ll be ordering the prints that I’ll be sending out during the first week of September, and also starting to pin down potential dates and a virtual venue for the first Q&As (maybe Google Hangouts?) for the people who have subscribed to them.

Unless I make significant changes like adding and explaining new reward tiers, I won’t be making a lot of public posts from now on (that’s what my Facebook page is for!), but I will start to schedule in regular patron-only posts, and send alerts whenever new stuff is made available.

That’s all for now - wishing everyone a great week!