Update & Statement

Hey there everyone! First of all I just wanted to thank each and every one of you for your patronage so far. Every red cent goes into the production of this comic and no matter the amount you've contributed, know that it's both helpful and infinitely appreciated.

The Roll To Save site has undergone a little bit of a revamp to feature more things from Patreon. On the right side of the site, there's a widget that lets you see the latest Patreon posts and underneath each comic page there's two new sections that credit each one of you as contributors as well as a goal tracker to keep tabs on our ultimate financial goal. We hope that these widgets and features will help immerse our Patreon with the comic. It's also a way for us to show our thanks to you and our goal progress in a quick shorthand way.

In the near future, there will be tier restricted posts, mostly because I realize that I haven't really been doing that despite the fact that I have a tier system that says otherwise. This is going to be trail run to see how well it goes and will mostly effect the $5 tier and above. For the most part, it's just having access to new page sketches and polls that will help determine different aspects to the comic. The $10 tier will largely stay the same, with major thanks to Kiesha Greenscale and Seth T for their ongoing support at that level. Their characters have already appeared in the comic too as part of the tier perk!

As for the financial goal, I split that up to two. One goal is $200, that serves as covering the costs to regular updates which averages about 2 pages a month. If we meet that goal, I'll be able to coordinate more special art and maybe even oneshot pages on top of our usual updates. The other goal is $300 and not only will we get bonus art and pages but we may be able to start focusing on additional RTS updates as well! That's right, that means three updates instead of two! Exciting isn't it??

That pretty much covers everything I had in mind for this update. As always, feel free to drop a message here or in the comment section of the RTS site, we value your input and want to make sure that our comic is entertaining and fun to read. Thank you so much for your time!