Update:...Still on Planet 6

I’m beyond honored and still processing. If you haven’t heard, I wrote an essay about Music from the Motion Picture Girl 6 (1996), the only project to bear Prince’s name between 1993 and 2001 that had new material and was personally approved by Prince for friend and filmmaker Spike Lee.

This was my first post here on my Patreon Last week, and I shared it across social media, including Instagram on where Lee requested to read it on Friday (and as you can see above, dubbed it a great article). This is just the recognition my work needed at a pivotal period like this. I recently took a risky leap into freelancing full time, basically surviving on my own funds due to lack of payment from past employers and lack of hours from my previous job.

So, this is hopefully just the beginning of my writing and other works receiving more praise, and I hope this will lead to more opportunities. In addition, I’ve been looking for publications interested in accepting this essay in some form but haven’t found any, so if you know of any editors or leads I should follow please let me know.  Read the free preview or refer any interested parties to my essay's free preview here.  

Supporters, please continue to help me by sharing my work, subscribing to my Patreon, and/or reserving my freelance services in dozens of areas. Certain Patreon subscribers get discounts of up to 25% to my services! Most of all, getting the word out about me and PRISM Collaborative is the other way to be helpful. The more opportunities I get, the more great work I can make that the likes of Spike and others can enjoy. Visit or refer any interested parties to http://juwanthecurator.wordpress.com.

Ya Dig? Thanks, Love and Peace, Boom Shackalacka.

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