Update Sunday #4

Hey there!

Time goes by way to quick, so it's already sunday again.

So here it comes: THE UPDATE SUNDAY!

What's new?

As you can see, we have our very own Mufflon Emojis created by Yumi !

They're not game related at all, but we enjoy them and we hope you do as well.


But of course, that's not all!

As promised, I spent my time working with Godot to start with the battle system (see video).
For now, it only shows the idle state of the battle scene and misses the battle menu and such stuff, but I hope it gives you a great first impression.


I got another battle related element for you!

Gustavo has finished the fire form animation of Keno!

Please tell me what you think about it and if you'd like to see more of such element forms in the game.


What are we working on?

The next update, you can expect more about the battle system from me!

Gustavo will start with a new animation, but I don't want to reveal too much.

Our musician Ginimo will work on some nice melodies for you and the rest of the team is hardworking on a lot of graphics for the game!

That was it for now!

Stay tuned and also fuzzy!

Mighty greetings

Your Mighty Mufflon Games team!