Update Sunday #5

Hey there!

How could this happen? The week is just too short.


What's new?

Elora's graphic set is complete!
Bust, battle sprite and finally a matching character sprite!

Great job, Bad Stitches (makermoles)!


Last time, I said I would show you more of the battle system, but I'm still learning a lot about coding stuff of Godot and I didn't find enough time to realize the next steps of the battle system.

I'm sorry.


What are we working on?

I will give my best to make some progress, so that next time you can see more of the battle system!

Ginimo had trouble with his equipment, so he wasn't able to create new music, but he is confident to find a solution!

The rest of the team is working on several graphics, but as you know, good stuff needs its time, so we hope you stay curious!


Stay tuned and also fuzzy!

Mighty greetings

Your Mighty Mufflon Games team!