UPDATE: Sunday 7:55AM
Sincerely - thank you to everyone. We've completely shattered any goals we've had and are now at 200 patrons at the time of this writing. We knew we had people who liked to listen to us but this was something we had absolutely no expectations for.

Hope you guys are enjoying the Christmas Show and the new site.

Please participate in the new forum. Log in with the same e-mail as your Patreon account. Might take a while for it to register. If after a few hours you still don't see a little 'coffee' icon next to your Avatar, send me a DM on the forum and we'll fix you up.

For Double Double, Iced Capp and Espresso patrons: Qooplo Digital Downloads should come in the next day or two. We'll also be uploading our first POST Production where you'll see John and me actually launch our site at midnight and experiencing our first pledge. It was quite an amazing moment that I'm very happy was caught on video.

We'll also have one more "Bludgeon" promo I'll need to edit and release in the next day or so. I think you'll all enjoy it.

Will sleep soon. Happy Holidays to all.

- Wai

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