Update Sunday #7 (IGMC version)

Hey there!

Are you ready?

'Cause it is UPDATE SUNDAY!

Last time, I told you about the IGMC contest and since last sunday, we think about quite a lot of gaming ideas and discuss heatedly about what kind of game could be much fun for our gamers, but also make fun to develop. Last but not least, we need to have in mind that we have only time till 29. November! So we realised that we have to go a clear way!

And so we hit upon our project title: Way of the Spirit!

Our game will be about a shaman adept, who has to find his way to learn about the world which surrounds him. Furthermore, he has to contact spirits, which will help him to solve various problems and to enter new areas.

Are you brave enough to discover dark paths and find a way to break the curse which haunts his village?

See you next Sunday!


Stay tuned and also fuzzy!

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Your Mighty Mufflon Games team!