Update: Surgery
Hello everybody!

As you can see, there was no new page this week. Unfortunately, we ran out of previously made pages, and I am still in another city, still doing tests in order to undergo a surgery in the near future.

As I said in the previous post about this ( https://www.patreon.com/posts/17177032 ), I only have an iPad with me right now, which doesn't run Photoshop (and doesn't have enough power for the production of a page), making it impossible for me to work on new pages while I'm here. I will be here for one or two weeks longer and that means the comic is going to have to enter a mini-hiatus until I'm back.

I'm very sorry to cause another break so soon after the previous one, I hope you'll understand and stick with us.


PS: If you're seeing this post in a weird format, it's because Patreon is completely broken on mobile, and I only have a cellphone and an iPad here. Marco will fix it as soon as he can!