Update Thursday!
Good news:  I'm updating HarvestCraft 1.8.9 right this moment!

Bad news:  I'm re-writing HarvestCraft.

HarvestCraft has become a giant bloated mess trying to do too many things at once, and I want to make it something I like working on again.  This means some things are gonna go away (and may appear later as side mods) and there will be new ways of doing things.

Step one is going to be working on world generation things.  This includes gardens and fruit trees.  Bees are going away to their own mod.  Salt isn't going to be generated in the world anymore cause while the idea was cool, finding salt was annoying and it was just another mineral cluttering up the world.

Once I get world generation to a point where I feel it's not going to change, I'll be releasing it for servers and everyone to start making worlds without feeling like they're going to have to re-make worlds every time I update.