Update time!
Hi everyone!

I've been getting back to Flying Pop-Pop! You may remember it from when I started it four weeks ago. Back then it was just black on white but now it's the other way around and there's colors too!

Although this wasn't the original intended direction, I feel like this is a good opportunity to work on my game-feel a bit so that's what this game will be about!

It's still a very small-scope game though and it should get released next week or the week after that. Before the end of June at any rate.

Other things now:

The Snippet Decrypt #9 should get written at some point in the week-end! I have to say I'm kinda running out of interesting snippets but hopefully I'll find something good. Otherwise, I'll do a special or something!

I've been having a interesting answers on the last Doodle Insights, but mostly on Twitter and here on the Patreon. So I will make a small update to the article to talk about the points that have been brought up to me! That will also be happening at some point in the week-end!

Finally, if I have time I'll do a Processing doodle and/or a new wallpaper because I really want to!

Thank you all for your support! Have a great week-end!