Update Time - February 22nd 2018
Hey guys! So quite a number of things have been going on behind the scenes(hence why nothing was put up for awhile. Some good and some bad. 

- We're moving in a few weeks, so things are going to be a lil tough. 

- I officially have beaten Pokémon Ultra Sun and started on getting ALL Pokémon. From Kanto back to Alola. And have gotten absorbed into playing DragonBall FighterZ! It's so much fun!

- Figuring out my future computer setup on PCPartPicker.com, cuz I want this to go from an All-in-One HP Pavilion... To an ALL-IN-ONE BEAST of a computer.(Which is one of the reasons I started using this site again).

- Applying to different places and hoping to get hired.(At the start, I don't want to invest in this WITHOUT a backup plan.)

- Writing a few scripts for videos that I got planned, including Hyper Archives and deciding what to review/ preordering Kingdom Hearts 3.

- Lastly, getting OBS back so I can see if recordings will be good on this computer or not. Thinking digital speed draws might help.

Anyway, I think that's all that has happened since the last time I was here. Here's hope I'll be here more often! ^^

- Hype/Tony