Hey guys, hope you are all well!

I wanted to make a post to let you know on some things I hope to do here soon, the main of which will be a major update to the rewards and specifically the Goals. I have some plans to do some new fun things on the channel and I want to include those in the new goals!

The Gaming Sessions have gone really well, I've had a lot of fun playing a bunch of different types of games with you guys, I want to try to post when they are going to be with more time beforehand so you guys can be a bit more ready for it! They are ultimately optional, and it's hard for me to plan a date too many days before it however! Either way, I'm going to try to be more ahead on those.

The Tea and Patrons Goal

Originally I wanted to do one of these each month and that's entirely possible, I have no real reason as to why I've not done them yet, other than I've had a very busy few months and it wasn't at the top of my priorities which is very unfair to those in the bracket. I will be fixing that shortly!

The Goal was reached that allowed me to keep updating my Hardware recently, I bought something new with that each month as promised! So far we have a new wonderful Mouse and a delightfully not broken headset! Sadly, I actually dropped my microphone a few days after I got the headset, meaning my Microphone has some serious sound issues. I'm considering sending it for repairs or using the goal to replace it, but I'm unsure! I also really need to replace this Chair that I've been sat on for 5+ years! It has quite the hole in it haha

To sum up, I wanted to say a huge thank you for the kindness you show me each month, it has led to me taking a new style on my videos and I've had more fun than ever before doing so! The New Hardware is a godsend and it has been lovely to talk to you all. I'm really looking forward to this update to my Patreon and I hope you are too!


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