I'm working on a game! This game is being made with the LÖVE engine and it's my first experience with it.

So far I'm really enjoying this engine! Working without any IDE feels really good and Lua is a much more interesting language than I used to think, before I read the Lua manual! And the LÖVE documentation is just ok, which makes it better than most documentations!

I wanted to make this game in 12 hours at first but I actually ended up making lots of interfaces and other systems to make the rest easier later on. So instead, I will attempt to finish this game before the end of the week!

As you can see (maybe) it's a 2D dogfighting game in which you control an army! It's not super advanced yet because I've spent lots of time on interfaces and systems but it's already pretty fun!

The source files should be available to download for 3$+ patrons when the game is done, but there's also a chance I'll make it completely public! I'm not sure yet!

TL;DR: I'm making a 2D dogfighting game with LÖVE, I want to finish it before the end of the week and the source files might be available to everyone they definitely will be to 3$+ patrons!

That's it, thanks for reading, have a nice day! :D