An Update To Subscribers

Hello Subscriber-Heros!

I’m writing with an update. The good news (well, it’s really all good news) is that we’re hitting 25k downloads of the podcast monthly. We’re growing steadily if slowly, and on the magazine side we’re just now creeping up on 1M page views. That’s not bad for 8 months in!

I’m also super happy to announce that we have just lined up our very first sponsors for the show. You’re going to start seeing sponsored posts on the magazine and social, and you’ll hear ads on the show (the first one dropped this week). They’re not paying us much yet, but it gets us in the game, so it’s an important step towards sustainability. As an aside on this topic, I’ve told my ad-agent that it’s critical that I personally believe in every product we promote. If it’s on our show, it’s good stuff.

Our financial picture is still very much that of a startup. Our expenses are low but still roughly 3X our revenue, even with the new ads. We’re on the path, but we’re not there yet, so your support is very much needed. Thank you for it.

Which brings me to my big announcement: we’re about to rejigger our whole Patreon setup in order to increase subscribers. From what I’ve learned from the good folks at Patreon, it works better to create a community rather than a charity. To that end, we’re planning to offer more bonus content and other extras to subscribers. The idea is that super-fans can get more of what they really want for a small subscription. Some examples are bonus clips, advance access to shows, and live-chats with me.

So I have a question for you: what do you want? What can I give you? Any insight–and I really do mean ANY insight is welcome. People tell me they get a lot from the show, but to be completely honest I’m not totally sure how to improve our little community.

So help a brother out, and tell me what I can do for you. Seriously.

Thanks again for your support. You have no idea how much it means every month to see that you’re still here.



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