Update To Our Release Policies
I've been mulling it over for the past few months, because we've released so many 30+ minute episodes, movies etc, and we've decided on two changes to our policies. One is to make working on movie-sized projects less insane, the other is to support you guys.


1) We're amending the "Never charging more than twice for one piece of" content rule, but we're not getting rid of it per-say. Instead we're going to go the way of, when we release a piece of media longer than 24 minutes long, it will count as as many episodes as there are 12 minute segments in it. So at 24 minutes it counts as 2, at 36 minutes it counts as 3, etc. This is to make working on stuff like Tri more related to working on episodes.

2) We've decided to never charge more than 3 times a month, no-matter what. Even if we release 4 or 5 episodes in one month somehow, even if we make a 36 minute movie and two episodes, we will still only charge a maximum of 3. We consider your support a blessing and don't want to betray that generosity, so if we're in a situation where we CAN create a surplus of content, we WILL create a surplus of content without making it a burden on you guys financially.

Please note that because of rule 2, rule 3 basically just means 24-minute stuff is 2 episodes, and 36+ minute stuff is 3 episodes no-matter how much longer it is.  None of this is designed to get more money out of you guys, it's just meant to make monthly charging more predictable for everyone on both sides.

For now this is how we're going to approach things but if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask or propose changes. We read everything~!


On a very related note, we plan to get on a buffered schedule that should let us release a minimum of 2 episodes a month, probably 3, for a next little while. It should work out as long as it takes off quickly enough, which just means us recording promptly. So you should start seeing a consistent amount of content(some of which may be something certain ones of you have been specifically asking for-!) starting later this month!

Additionally thanks to you guys, we recently upgrades microphones, got a pre-amp and insulated the sound booth further. Our audio quality has become a lot cleaner, even than is was in the Memories of Nobody movie. I hope it improves your experience listening to our work even a little bit in the future(we had a girl in doing an audition for a video game and animated series today, and she was test run: her audio ended up coming out very strong and very clean).

That's all for now, thanks for reading!