Update to patron benefits
I decided to redo the $5 tier to have better benefits. Starting for September,  you get 10% off any commission (just mention you're a patron!) and a monthly stream request! If you can't make it to the stream you still get the doodle of choice of course. Besides that, all patrons get some patreon exclusive content and will get early previews. 

Im curious as to what else you guys would like to see so I am open to suggestions from all my patrons as to other ideas!

I saw these suggestions on this blog post and thought  they might be good incentives and interesting content to add. Is there any interest in these?

  • Sketch downloads
  • Full resolution downloads
  • Patreon-exclusive streams
  • Alternates/variants
  • Photoshop/sai files
  • Brush settings
  • Step by step processes
  • Censor-removed images
  • Non-watermarked images
  • Early access to content
  • Personal shoutouts by the creator
  • Votes/says on content to be made
  • Skype calls/hangouts (these are more popular for ‘personality’ Patreons, like for voice actors and sometimes animators. Though, for artists you can maybe use these as like art classes.)

Thanks for supporting me! Its been super helpful during this super unstable portion of my life and between moves.