Update to reward tiers
Hello Humans, 

You may have noticed I increased the cost of my weekly column. Fear not. Those of you who were paying $1 a month will continue to be charged at the (now) discounted rate.

Hello Humans is quickly turning into a full-time job. The time/cost commitment is going to increase over time so I am experimenting with the reward tiers in the hopes of balancing it out a little bit. 

Those who are subscribed to the newsletter or e-book, you also need not worry. Those prices will remain the same.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to earn a living as a journalist in 2018, and I am becoming more-and-more reliant on Patreon for income. If you believe in the power and importance of the Fourth Estate, please consider subscribing. Support independent journalism for as little as $3 a month. That's less than a decent cup of coffee. $3 will get you a weekly column, access to my entire backlog of exclusives + entry into the Super Secret Facebook group. You'll also be named in my book when it comes out.

Thank you to all of my amazing Patrons, without whom I'd be absolutely nowhere. I love you more than words can say. Your support means the world to me. 

Be good to each other. Have difficult conversations. Read stuff you disagree with.  Make time for self care.

Peace in our times.


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