Update update!
Hi, quick update regarding the last update!

So as you can see, I'm still hard at work on this 2D dogfighting game made with LÖVE! Progress is pretty steady and I'm having a blast but the game is not ready to be released just yet!

Instead of releasing this week-end, I shall release it next week-end! And this time, no more postponing! Until then, I shall add features, make sound, find a title, try to make a main menu and maybe a settings menu.

I'm also considering working further on this project after this release and making a retail product out of it over 4-6 months. I'll let you know about that!

Meanwhile, tomorrow there will be the weekly recap in which I will write more about this project why it's taking so long and where it's going! And Tuesday, there will be the Doodle Insights #4 which will be the last part on the Procedural Dithering effect!

Thanks for reading, have a good one!