Update, waiting the imminent patch
Hi everybody, a short update.
First, thank you to everyone is supporting our work, you are the project.
As you probably know we are waiting the last HWR patch from Gearbox, it’s in development for so long and it should be available really soon, this week?
Complex 10 is proceeding really well and we are ready to show our work.
We can’t show video/stuff of Complex 10 now because it has been partially developed with unreleased GBX tools/stuff so I prefer to keep it confidential and wait the patch.
After the patch release I need a week to make everything compatible and working, then the dev builds will be available for patreons and my objective is to have a first public playable release in less then one month from the patch release.
At the moment we are working on Vaygr, Hiigarans are fully completed and playable, our objective is to make Hiigaran perfect and balanced then add all other races starting from the Vaygr, so I think the first release will be based on Hiigaran VS Vaygr, then other races will jump in based on the community feedback/testing.
New explosion FXs are completed, new UI the same, all basic game structures like research and weapon customization are ready.
Also I’m working on levels now, 8 maps are ready and others will jump in shortly so we will have more then 10 new maps to play since the first release, also a scenrio map is on the way.
Thank you again, I’m sure you can wait a bit more, and I’m sure your wait will worth, beghins.