Update - Welcome to May!
Welcome to another fun filled month of Patreon goodness! Here's the part where I post some hopeful goals for the month!
  • Patreon Supporter Coupon Code! - For the month of May is "WhiteCheddarPorkRind" It will get you 15% off any orders you place this month in the etsy shop. This is a patreon supporter perk and will not be availible for public use. ^_^ 
  • Doodle Poll - A new doodle poll will post later this afternoon, this will give me some ideas on what to draw this month, but feel free to yell out suggestions in the poll comments as well as I don't always think of things on the spot to add to said poll. 
  • May Appearances - NONE! I have no conventions planned this month, which means more weekend time to prep for June events and shop restock. 
  • DIBS pops goal - 30 Pieces.                                                                                                 The goals is 30 ready to ship customs of old and new designs. I have a lot of parts on hand for multiples of favorite pieces and at least 11 half finished new pieces that just havn't had time to complete, so I'll be trying to hammer those out. 
  • DIBS Other shtuff goal - 60 pieces.                                                                                                     Jewelry, notebooks, magnets, enamel pins, stickers and everything else that makes up this crazy gift shop.
  • Finished Doodles - 15 pieces.                                                                                                    I have a lot of fun designs coming out of my hand lately and i'm hoping to add 15 inked, scanned, and colored pieces to the lot. Some could be made into merch, others just for a laugh but 15 sounds like a nice number when there is already a lot of sketchs completed that I'd like to complete. 

I can't think of anything else at the moment... I should make an outline for these lol. 

until I figure out something else. carry on! 

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