Updated the channel layout!
Yeah...took longer than needed lol.

I edited some playlists, have one for the Miku Live Reviews now, changed some orders...

Than there were 3 videos with terrible thumbnails (of the "main videos" in playlists 1-5) like the popular top 10 hardest songs in PDX. Have better thumbnails for 3 of them.

But mainly did I change the top pic of the channel...which was horrible to create since it has to be the same pic for 3 different devices which each display something completely different!! How is that a good idea??
Well after a lot of time I came up with something that kinda looks good for PC, has a decent pic for mobile (I included the channel name once again) and the full one for TV (who watches YT on TV...?).
Ah btw, not an expert at all on photo editing, very basic skills but for what little I know I think I am doing okay with my stuff. I know more about making videos I think^^

So...what do you guys think?
I thought with my channel growing I just wanted to fine tune some things :-)

Kevin from 39dearMIKU

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