Updated Content Use Agreements.

Hello everyone! 

Today I'm going to go over a few changes to my agreements for my work going forwards. 

Thankfully nothing much changes on the whole but a few things are going to be made clearer and available to read whenever on my website FAQ and my patreon FAQ over the next few days, barring any edits. 

Free License Agreement

The Free License Agreement applies to content publicly available that is clearly marked as free content.  You may print and use this content such as maps and tokens at home for your tabletop games. You may also use any free content online in virtual tabletops such as Roll20, Fantasy Grounds or Foundry VTT. You may use  free content to create non-profit products such as adventures, settings, worlds on sites such as World Anvil.

You may also use any both free and exclusive content from higher tiers that you have access to on streaming services such as Twitch or Youtube etc. 

Credit must be included in any instance of the content being used.

All content, unless specifically stated as licensed content are and will remain the property of Caeora.

Small Commercial Use Agreement

The Small Commercial Use Agreement in this context is applied to anyone supporting me at the Dragon Tier on patreon. 

You may use any content that you have access to both free and exclusive in commercial products. Anything made in small quantities by an individual or small business (i.e. websites, online articles, modules, adventures, settings etc) are covered under this agreement.

You can use content in almost all projects related to tabletop RPG’s this includes but it not limited to modules, adventures, campaigns etc sold on sites such as the DM’s Guild,  DrivethruRPG etc. 

If at any time you end your pledge to the Dragon Tier on patreon you may not produce any new products using my content. Older products created while you were a Dragon Tier patron remain covered under this agreement.

Credit must be included in any instance of the content being used.

All content, unless specifically stated as licensed content are and will remain the property of Caeora.


You are not authorized to use these files for redistribution in part or whole for free or for sale as art or part of an art collection, for print-on-demand designs, or mass distribution/production. 

This small commercial use agreement does not apply to any crowdfunding campaigns. If you are running a large business (Large business in this case is a company making over $25,000 annually) or kickstarter, and intend to mass produce books that include my art you will have to discuss this with me to work out either a paid license to do so, or my permission. 

This is very dependant on the project and its best to email me at [email protected]

Open Dialogue

This is an ongoing effort to make my agreements clear and easy to understand but this does not mean that they are set in stone just yet. If you can see any potential problems or issues with the wording discussed in this post then please let me know and I will do my best to explain or change things around. If you have any questions I will answer them in the comments and may include them in the FAQ for future reference. I have a few example questions below :) 

Q. If I am a Dragon Tier patron can I use a map you made a year ago in a product on the DM’s Guild? 

A. Yes! Absolutely. 

Q. I have multiple products on DrivethruRPG that contain your content but I can no longer afford to remain a Dragon Tier patron. Does that mean I have to remove your content from those products?

A. No. Any products that you made and put up on a site for sale are still covered, you just can't make any new products using my content going forwards. 

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