Updated my Patreon Goals
Hey guys. I have updated my goals and wanted to make it clear to you dudes I did. As usual, I overestimated how extensive Rawb.TV would be. I made over 20 mins of commercials which took a massive amount of time and if I wanted to do more then 1 of these shows right now, some other part of my life would have to suffer and I think that would mean less "casual" streams. Instead of doing random LPs with Pause or finishing up pokemon runs from the weekend before, i'd go right into making the next batch of commercials or something and I think that's not what my general fanbase would want. It means less chances for new people to discover me and less random side content for you guys who want more.

 I currently like the idea of doing more random casual streams that I can just fit into my chaotic lifestyle so I'm more visible online. I think in the future, I'll be able to handle more than one show a month, but like with URealms I need to work on making it more efficient. I need to be able to start making most ads in bulk and spend my time more efficiently, but this being all new show there is so much tech and stuff I still need to work on.

idk I think URealms+Rawb.TV+random Buffalo Wizard era LPs everymonth sounds like the best general plan forward for me. A bit of everything that isn't gonna over stress me and not make me feel so distant from the fanbase because I'm only ever live once a month at most, but I understand a lot of you guys pushed for my base goal with this show in hopes of two shows a month. I'll be working towards trying to be able to do 2 shows a month this year and see if I can make things just efficient enough to be able to do 2 shows on slow months. 

Right now I'm gearing up for the first Deadrealms and I'm closing in on a the end of a URealms season, but I suspect in the future we can have some months with double rawb.tv shows if I work hard. I'm also slowly getting the boss discord more and more involved with random streams so hopefully this all sounds reasonable.