Hi, everyone. This post affects ALL of you, so please read it carefully.

During my last Patreon reward session, something happened toward the end that I'd prefer not to talk about. Suffice it to say, a "fan" pledged immediately before the session began, just to come into the session and make it miserable not just for me, but for everyone else there, before cancelling their pledge afterward before I could talk with them about it.

This caused me to rethink the current Patreon tiers, and in the past week I've come up with some changes. I'll detail the changes first, and then my reasoning afterward.

The $1 tier remains unchanged. Everyone and anyone who pledges ANYTHING gets the same base rewards: their name at the end of my videos for a month, and early access to my videos.

The old $5 tier is now the $10 tier, and the old $10 tier is now a brand-new $15 tier. The NEW $5 tier is identical to the old one, except when we have our reward sessions, there will not be voice chat. We will spend an hour playing games, typing to each other in chat to communicate, but WON'T be talking with each other through voice chat. The $10 tier doesn't get an extra session, and the $15 tier only gets one extra session. If any of this is unclear to you, please read the tier descriptions on the front of my page.

I'm sure this sounds unreasonable to many of you, and I wouldn't doubt some of you drop your pledges due to this, but this is my reasoning. I don't want it to be that easy for someone to ruin not only my fun, but everyone else's as well. I feel, if you are pledging money to my channel every month in an effort to support it, you should be given the best experience possible as a thank-you from me. It's hard to do that when just anyone can hop in with no notice and cause havoc the whole hour. It's an hour of my time wasted, an even worse, a whole month's worth of rewards wasted for you. My hope is that these new tiers still allow those of you who pledge in the lower tiers to still have the opportunity to play with me each month, but require higher pledges in order to hop into the voice chat and ruin our day.

I hope that makes sense. Trust me, this isn't me wanting more money. If it were up to me, I'd play with EVERY one of my fans as much as possible. But that's just not possible, and it forces me to come up with things like this in order to try and make it fair to everyone.

That being said, this does mean that you will have to adjust your pledges accordingly. If you're happy playing with me without voice chat, you can keep your pledges at $5. If you still want to talk to me every month while we play, you'll have to up your $5 pledges to the new $10 tier. If you still want to participate in livestreams, you'll have to bump your pledge up to the $15 tier.

I just want to finish by saying I'm sorry for this, for any inconvenience this has caused, and again, I understand if you want to cancel your pledges. This just seems like the best course of action for me, and I can just hope this helps everyone as we go. Thanks for your understanding!