Updated Pledges!
I've re-worked the pledges and rewards to be both cheaper and more rewarding as well as (I hope) a little clearer!

I'd still appreciate you telling your friends about Earth Gate and how to get here, every little bit helps and brings my hopes of making something big out of Earth Gate closer and closer, I have my sights set on a game to get the universe kicked off.

I hope you all had a good christmas and in the spirit of the new year im hoping to have something real that you can interact with and play by the end of this year. It may not be much but I'll certainly give it my best shot, Im currently working alone on content generation with just two friends helping along with the lore from time to time. 

Speaking of which, I've added two new pledges which will allow you to help with the lore too! as well as get you beta testers access to any game projects that get started and a copy of the release candidate game!

Last but not least im activating the featured tags section to help you sift through the content to find what you really want to see, I'll add tags to it to help point out things like this news post, galaxy map updates and things specific to certain in universe criteria! no more random tags loosly fitting each post.