Updated Project File .FLA Terms (For Patrons $25+)

Tier 4 Patrons can access 1 Project File archive a month from the Something Series! (For example, the files to Something About Fortnite, Pokemon Battle Royale, etc!)

But before you can start please fill out these Terms of Use
Click here to download a .PDF of the Terms. 

If you agree with these terms, email the filled and signed form and requested Project File name to [email protected] and the archive and password will be emailed to you! 

Extra notes: The Project Files .FLAs require Adobe Animate CC to open - some older versions of Adobe Flash can open the .FLAs too, but some newer functions like the new Camera in Animate CC will be lost. Other effects may be missing from the .FLAs too as those are done in post production with other programs.

The files will also be sent in a .zip/.rar format so you'll need WinRar or a similar program to open them! We also respond to e-mails on weekdays, so if you made your request on the weekend we'll try to get back to you the coming week! If there is an additional delay please message me on Patreon and I'll respond as soon as I can!

These files are for educational purposes so please do not reuse anything from them for your own works. Thank you! 

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