Updated Rewards tier
This update won't affect past works.

[$0 Tier]

- Free work
Currently it is 150dpi or 1500px maximum height /  maximum width. It would be low down to 72 to 100 dpi after "Nico Yazawa swimsuit ver."

No transparent PNG even a blank white background.

[$3 Tier]

- Uncensorship
Needed $3 tier to unlock now. All other site I would use as same set as Pixiv one (censored). Whatever that is no such rule in Tumblr / DA. You still see the censorship in those sites.

- Next Character Suggestion
Below $3 tier suggestion would be ignored.

[$10 Tier]

- "RAW PSD" tier
Further drawing RAW PSD file won't be attached in the $3 tier.

[$5  or $8 Tier]

- "Exclusive Work" tier
Not released yet. It may be $5 or $8 per month. And one picture (set) per month only.

The reason I change this... My Patrons leave liked crazy. This never happened. It just 15 July,  that is 10 Patrons leave and 4 Patrons declined to pay. Almost everyday I lose USD 3.  

 I feel some people may disappeared as why this artist never draw guro manga, he mentioned that at the title. At the same time. The first goal also never be reached. Even Patreon + Hiccears hasn't reach 50% first goal .

The worse case - Fxxk the first goal off. Every guro manga I would released at Hiccears. If you want that one then just buy that one. And the cost definity won't be USD 3. My current monthly content pack also not USD 3.