Updated Steam alpha
Hey everyone,

I just uploaded a new version of the alpha for Astral Traveler on Steam. Compared to the previous version, the differences you'll find are very minute, stuff like the jump arc for the ship, and also basic environments for nebula 1. I also added a flight section in 2-3 which you guys can try out, although one of the obstacles is a bit tough to avoid (unfairly tough, it's a bug).

Next update should hopefully be more interesting, we're focusing on having some visual stuff so different sections will start having their identities. We appreciate all of your comments though,, though sometimes it takes a while before being able to address them.

As a reminder, here are the buttons for the game:

WASD or Arrows to control the ship

J to Shoot

K to Jump

L to phase through blue objects, though it must be timed at the last moment. It also reflects lasers, the only way to destroy blue alien ships.

O to load a new map

Backspace to reload the current map

Thank you all ^_^