Updated Track Listing
So, I spent some time looking at the current tracks in-process.  Still have to figure out the order on the album.  Here's the current listing:

The Christmas Blues Are Back in Town (again):  The first album had a Green Bay Packers reference in "I've Got da Blues" .... this one keeps the (foot)ball rolling.

Confessions of the Soul:  Written by my co-founder with the Crazed Anarchists Jeff Secrest, I haven't done much (yet) with this.  Part of me wants to make Album #3 a tribute to our stuff....

Bailamos:   This will be my first song en español.  Going to try to make it sound like a bachata.

The Cowboy's Last Ride:  I was listening to George Strait one morning on the way to work and it inspired me to write the finale to the character in Garth Brooks "Rodeo."  Short and to the point.

Homeless Kitty:  Need to fix the sax solo :-)   But got a pretty good start on this one.

Jim:  Another song for Bryan.  I'm trying to get a darker feel for this one.

Tina Irena Thomas' (New) Entrance Theme: Inspired by Jason Pemberton, I set out to write something that could be used as someone walks to the ring.  Tina was a create-a-wrestler I made for WWE 2k14.  Her double-underhook piledriver put many opponents away....

Officer of Love: The first song inspired by Janet.  And a role I played in My Fair Lady.

I Knew I Loved You:  Channels my inner Kenny G.

Sleeping with Your Memory:  Personally, my favorite to this point!  Country-flavored.

Slushie:  Inspired when I heard the backstory to Paul McCartney's "Queenie Eye."

Thirty-Ten:  35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 3-10

Trading the Old Numbers (for a New Set of Numbers): From the musical I am working on entitled Follow Your Dreams.

You Stood Me Up:  A blues song influenced by Stevie Ray Vaughn (without any of the guitar talent) and Paul McCartney's "I wanna cry"

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