Hey everyone!!! I've been a busy 'lil potato the past two weeks, but I am back home and about to pump out some awesome stuff for you. So here's what's going on and what you can expect to see this month on Patreon!!!!

-New photos of my swimsuit Mewtwo are slowly trickling in! I will be posting them to all my social media pages as they do. 

-I'm editing a few BTS videos from a recent clothing company shoot I did, it's VURY smexy.

-I have one in-depth tutorial for my Leeloo Dallas suspenders I am typing up and should have ready soon!

-I'll be uploading massive progress images from when I made my Aku cosplay and talking a little more about how I made it 'n stuff

And lastly, THANK YOU ALL SO FREAKING MUCH! Your support has been wonderful and allowed me to finish my Mewtwo swimsuit for Colossalcon! I have mailed out ALL rewards today, so keep an eyeball on your mailbox. Love you sweet potatoes and I'll see you soon!

Photographer: Mineralblu