Hello lovlies! I just wanted to share some of my art plans with you all. I was on vacation last weekend so I was taking some time for myself, but I'm eager to be back at it!

My first decree is that I will be revamping my Society6 store! If you didn't know, I am on Society6.com/mickroseart and my designs are very few. I plan on working this weekend to have it updated with some of my snazziest designs for some back to school items! 

Secondly, I have new stuff up in my etsy shop, mickroseart.etsy.com like new buttons and I am working on making new patches as well! With all of the nazi action popping up, I'm determined to speak my mind and advocate through my artwork. It's hard not to feel defeated, but we have to beat that nazi scum back into hiding!

Lastly, I am working on my next zine! If you didn't know, every time I finish a sketchbook I take my favourite works and turn them into a zine to share with the world! I mean, I didn't spend 50+ hours filling it up for no one to see... So I will keep you updated with that as well!

I have also submitted my work to many publications this summer, so I will work to pout a post together with that stuff as well!

As always, thank you for your support! I love you all <3

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