After holding a poll on dA and getting a bit of feedback on Twitter, I decided to shift around some rewards items. (I asked for feedback here too but got no comments ^^;)

The main piece of feedback I got was advice to place rewards that take more effort and time on higher tiers. I had not seriously considered that before, so I thought about it and moved/added things.

Poll results showed a clear winner of line art for you guys to practice coloring techniques!

Because it takes less work than some higher-tier items, I moved it to the Unit Leader tier. I hope you guys are happy with the changes; I think it will be easier for me to get rewards to you faster now!

Also, red-lines and critiques/art tutoring was added to my $600 goal! I hope I'll be able to help you guys with this! I will keep working hard to improve so I can be a better help. 

Lastly, reference and stock photos I take in Japan will be rewards for you guys probably at different levels, but I'm not sure yet. Any ideas?