After holding a poll on dA and getting a bit of feedback on Twitter, I decided to shift around some rewards items. (I asked for feedback here too but got no comments ^^;)

The main piece of feedback I got was advice to place rewards that take more effort and time on higher tiers. I had not seriously considered that before, so I thought about it and moved/added things.

Poll results showed a clear winner of line art for you guys to practice coloring techniques!

Because it takes less work than some higher-tier items, I moved it to the Unit Leader tier. I hope you guys are happy with the changes; I think it will be easier for me to get rewards to you faster now!

Also, red-lines and critiques/art tutoring was added to my $600 goal! I hope I'll be able to help you guys with this! I will keep working hard to improve so I can be a better help. 

Lastly, reference and stock photos I take in Japan will be rewards for you guys probably at different levels, but I'm not sure yet. Any ideas?

Tier Benefits
Pledge $0 or more per page
Pledge $0.01 or more per page
Patrons Only
$1 or more per page 0 patrons
Thank you so much! All of my dear Friends get:
  • your name in the credits of Missing Haruka
  • access to Patreon feed
  • teaser of next page
  • early access to sales on my store! 
Unit Leader
$3 or more per page 1 patron
Strong leaders are essential for training others. As a Unit Leader, you get: 
  • first look at character profiles & design sessions
  • your name and link to your site on a special section on my blog and DeviantART
  • plus everything above
$6 or more per page 0 patrons
Ah yes, guards! I need a lot of you to keep these brats-I mean, lovely children in line. As my thanks for your help, you get: 
  • under sketch of each new page
  • access to the screentones I used
  • to join the pen pal squad (1 postcard per month)!
  • ability to vote on MH postcards 
  • plus everything above
Senior Director
$15 or more per page 0 patrons
You are the one who keeps this operation running smoothly! Keep me accountable! I will gladly give you: 
  • settings of brushes, fonts, and Manga Studio
  • 1 free download from my Gumroad per month
  • first dibs on commission slots
  • plus everything above
Head Scientist
$25 or more per page 0 of 4 patrons
You’re a genius and I need you here, so I’ll keep on your good side! I will give you:
  • med-res PSD file of one page per month
  • your choice of either 1 red-line art critique per month* OR 1 free print from my store per month
  • a handmade card from me on your birthday
  • plus everything above

*I will draw on a new layer on top of your artwork and show you how you could improve the pose, proportion, and/or perspective.

$50 or more per page 0 patrons
As the mysterious, yet esteemed CEO, you'll receive:
  • Full-res PSD and Manga Studio file of one page per month
  • Guided art creation - I will personally guide you through creating one piece of artwork, from start to finish, the first month. Every month after that, I'll give you personalized critique on one artwork per month (beyond just red-lining), on things like color, backgrounds, composition, design, etc.
  • Bonuses - I may mail/email you extra things occasionally ;)
  • plus everything above
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