When I went back to working a day job about a year ago, I said that I'd be updating this page to reflect that a huge chunk of my free time had just disappeared. I just got around to doing that. 

The main change is that I'm no longer promising extra weekly content as the campaign grows. Between the day job and trying to get Cinemechanix ready for release, the game blog is about all I can guarantee. I will still do mini-games if the total gets high enough, but since those are quarterly I have more lead time on those. 

I also plan to start making good on the monthly Patron exclusive content that I've been very bad at posting, and have moved it over from a patron tier reward to a Goal (one that has already been met, so I'll post the first piece of content in December). Since I went through a lot of old files recently and we're gearing up for the Hex 20th Anniversary, a lot of this content will probably be stuff from the early days of Hex that's no longer online and random stuff from games I've run in the past. 

Thanks to everyone show supports the Patreon!