The pic is of a D&D character I made for a campaign that I literally destroyed and we couldn't progress any further. Oops... 

Anyway! Updates!
On the 14th will start the nonsense annoyingly funny skit I've plan for you all (as well as the rest of my channel) for the holidays. it will span.... 12 days. >:) I hope you love it. hehehehe~
Real Talk Video- Has been shot. Gonna edit that and throw it up soonish.
The Shower Thoughts Video-.... is not as good as I would have hoped for so I'm figuring out how to get creative with it. Worst case, the *redacted* back at the old place will be gone for 2 weeks so I might sneak back over there and re-shoot it in the old tub.  
Dumb Gaming Mechanics- It's in the conceptual stages.
Halloween Game Recommendations- Is in fact coming out in December for the reason I previously mentioned. I took a hiatus from SkettiYetti to build up a backlog of videos so I'm not always scrambling to make them. I'm going to be bringing it back with this video. Be on the lookout for it next week. :)
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Skit- This will be posting sometime in January (Hopefully. Depends on how busy Peter is.) so I'm not gonna worry about this one right now and neither should you. :P
Game Sequels That Were Better Than the Original- ...might post this month. Might. I'm still aiming for January with this one though as I LITERALLY have like... 3 games and that doesn't feel well rounded. If I can figure out at least 2 more, before January, it will post this month. If not, JANUARY! :D
Shipping Real People Video- I can finally tell you what's been going on with this. AJ promised to help me with this. AJ barely helped which sucked but I thought it was gonna be ok. But it was not. (I needed to reshoot cause he botched the stuff which I didn't realize at the time. That's on me.) which he did not give (mostly because our schedules didn't match up and not because he was being a dick for once) so I've been trying to figure out how to get the rest of what I had planned or just starting over from the beginning. I have a few skit things shot for it that I thought would be fun to show examples and shit but I was really banking on a few things with someone that wasn't me or Peter, (because Peter already has a major role in this and because of what it is, it would be super jarring I feel to also have him in the other particular role I gave to AJ.) So I'm still sorting that out. I'm sorry it's taken so long. IT WILL COME.
-Patreon goal meeting videos-
Chasing Cars still has a track with no vocals. I'll probably be recording those in January and my goal is to release the music video in February/March depending if Peter and I do a romantic duet that's a bit more high production value. Anyway, I want to try to make this one more "professional" than the normal shit I give because we reached a goal and that's what I said I'd do. I have to find some new locations for it as some of the locations I was going to use are inaccessible turns out. Oops...
Beyond Good and Evil Let's Play and Review are... nothing! XD I'm a terrible fucking person trying to get my act together and balance all this shit and I'm still learning how to do that. I am HOPING to be knocking this out in January as well but I don't know much about the game and if it takes me a  long time to get through... I don't know how to plan for LP's so... I've been avoiding this because I'm anxious. XD I shouldn't be there you go.

So yeah. That's a long list... As the new year encroaches, I'm hoping to get better at knocking things out instead of letting them pile up. My life is on a more peaceful, less chaotic track now so I'm hoping it will just be easier. :)

Oh and the polls will be coming out soon. Lookout for them!