I'm alive! :D Have to remind myself of sometimes...

Sorry I haven't posted here recently. Though I wasn't able to stream and there hasn't been updates to FE, there have been a lot going on:

First, the Patreon removed the Age Restriction! Huzzah!
Never got more details on why - the rep who answered my request explained "Because we manually review a high number of creator pages, there’s a small chance for human error."
Honestly, that inspires more questions than I had before - but I'm too happy about getting the age restriction approved to pursue it further.

Finishing the character design project I was commissioned for. The final versions won't be posted here since I don't own them, but above are some in-progress sketches for the design of one character. (There were five total)

Getting ready to launch FE's Webtoons mirror account, which I hope to start next month. Been going back and forth on what page design will look best on the site while still doable within my schedule. Also been slowly building up a backlog so the account will update regularly after launch.

Been sorting out shipping issues for books going outside the US. I want to figure out how to print postage at home for foreign packages like I do for the stateside ones, so they get sent out faster. But the method I tried this time didn't work out, either. Really sorry about the delay this caused foreign shipments, this week I'll visit the Post Office in person and get a professional mailman to help me out.

Finally, been getting paperwork, funds and insurance set up to buy a car this week. It's not art-related but I'm still excited - no more biking to the Post Office in the rain!

So, it's been a hectic few weeks. But I need to get back into what I love doing - FE and Patreon work. Will be posting more soon!