Hi, guys! 

Last few days were really busy.

After releasing first pack, I'm back on track to work on the second one. And let me tell you.. it's going to be big. This time around I'm putting much more emphasis on the design itself, so I'm spending some serious hours figuring out what kind of architecture I want and how it all fits together. Approximate release date is second week of July.

I've spoken to a few patrons and received some really good feedback on videos. I hope that the rest of you guys are enjoying the first release as well.

I'm starting to brainstorm ideas for future content packs. So far, based on your feedback I'm inclined towards sci-fi realm. 

Here are two major ideas:

1. Guns and Sci-fi monsters: A Doom inspired set of content where I'll go over design and creation of believable sci-fi weapons and anatomically correct enemy monsters.  

2. In the Hangar Bay: Do you like Battlestar? Or maybe Star Wars? I will be designing a star fighter spaceship and a set of sci-fi hangar props you can use to set dress your own hangar bay with. 

Let me know which one you like better! If you have suggestions for a theme or tutorial requests, leave them in the comments or send me a message