Hello everyone!  Just a couple of updates, but they're pretty significant so I thought it best to explain what they are and what it means for future updates.

  • I am currently preparing to move my content and my blog over to my own website, which is in the works as we speak.  It will take some time to finish it and to export everything that I was hosting on Wordpress over to this new website, but when it is finished it will hopefully feature all the same writings and such that were available before, in addition to the concept art gallery.
  • Short stories available to patrons will be on password-protected pages now, as this website doesn't permit for password-protected blog pages.  To compensate for this (and to prevent this website from having 100+ pages as I continue writing), I'm hoping to have a sort of "gallery" for these short stories, and that will be password-protected for patrons.  All of the writings at your fingertips!
  • A Clockwork Melody will also be hosted on this website.  A three-chapter preview will still be available on Figment, but patrons will now read ACM at their leisure on the website.  Once ACM has been published, it will be removed from the website, however I'm hoping to send all patrons who had been pledging $5 or more an EPUB file to download.
  • As you may have noticed, I have changed the amounts for patrons!  Felt a bit silly having four rewards when most people were not using all four of them.  You can now contribute in amounts of $1, $3, and $5, which personally seems a lot more reasonable to me.
  • Finally, this website will also be hosting information and character profiles for the cast of ACM as well as for my other novels/WIP's, which I'm excited to begin sharing with you.  I may never work on them, or I may start working on them tomorrow, but for now you will be able to preview them and get a feel for what these stories will have in store for you.

I think that about sums it up!  I will obviously continue to be posting updates to projects on Patreon, and I will be posting the latest chapter(s?) for ACM as soon as Patreon charges patrons for June.  Look forward to Chapter 17!

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