Hello Patrons, Kevin here, getting back on my feet after the mystery flu (who gets the flu in July?) I got Kris' recording for Osgoode's next intro and I think we finally found the happy place for him. Harumble! Osgoode's segments have been the hardest recordings to clean up. First he was at his desktop which was too near his window on a busy street in Toronto. Next we tried using an iPhone app while he crouched in a closet, which had the plosive issues you heard on the last episode. This time he put a sock over the iPhone and went into the bathtub. The tile gave a different quality to his voice I didn't like so much, but the sock stopped all the plosive issues. Next time he'll be back in the closet and it should be just right. 

So I'll be mixing that up tonight and should get the next episode out for the weekend. 

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