Cool stuff has been happening! I got in a few new furs for Tiberius, which are utterly perfect and I am in love with. My replacement for the damaged fixture came in yesterday's mail, so today I will be setting up the last of the studio things in preparation for starting back on the monster manual projects on Monday! Today I will be testing the camera settings and tweaking everything to be just right, and casting a dry run of Tiberius' tongue from monster clay. I also have the kitsune mask preliminary molding done, so at some point this weekend I'll try to get the first cast out of it for pre-order examples. Yesterday I also played with a workaround, and now I can stream properly and also have my music through my headset! Streaming will be happening much more now, and through YouTube instead of Skype so that it can be archived. Subscribe there if you haven't already! I'll be doing some public streaming to try to get some attention back to the monster manual now that it's in progress again, but still some patreon exclusive streaming too. 

All in all, it's been a busy week!

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