What I'm delighted to express is HOW some of what I wanted the financial support for my goals , came to me in other ways than through Patreon. So the following is my story on HOW that unfolded, the fun with the HOWS, you could say.

1. Sold a set of Flags, I haven't even made yet!
2. Joined that neighborhood Ceramics Club (and the sewing club!) and poured my slip for my first Smiley Face Coffee Mug today!
3. Kept the lights on! Got the air conditioning going, and well got some powdered creamer at least, for my coffee! :D and more.

At the time of creating my Patreon page (about a week ago), I was down to less than a dollar cash, no credit, no traditional job, nor did my housemates, and we were so close to no electricity every day, lived without air conditioning for a week, one roll of toilet paper that was reserved for number 2s, etc. Hardly any request to book my airbnb private room except a few I denied, even though I really thought I needed some money. They just didn't FEEL resonant. And so I trusted my self, my intution, on those decisions. My vibe was mostly high, and/or okay and sometimes I had fun and bliss even and lots of amazing, but it did get to me a at some periods, it was challenging, even though I've had many of these type of experiences I like my air conditioning in Florida summer in particular, and we felt to turn it off for a week, it wasn't always easy.

Yet, as always, I supported my journey with much inner guidance and assistance.  One of the many ways was through this quote, which focused me keenly on what I know to be my experience.

"At times individuals create what initially appears to be puzzling situations or manifestations, but the reason that they create these situations at times is to provide themselves with an opportunity to reintroduce themselves to their own magic."
~ Elias, as Channeled by Mary Ennis, Session 1761

And I did reintroduce myself to my own magic! The magical HOWs. First with the core knowing that I AM the generator, the currency, the source, the force, the energy of my own magic. Secondly, the magical fun with the adventure and surprise of HOW I chose to show myself that in my life unfolding story.  A chapter as follows:

 A day or so after I posted my Patreon page and goals, I got a neighborhood newsletter stating that the neighborhood sewing club is now free. It was twenty five bucks a year like the ceramics club.  I didn't tell you all about that personal goal that I have because I wanted to start with a goal I felt was my priority. I could always keep sewing at home until I could join the sewing club, but I could create the coffee mugs ~fire them in a kiln and paint and glaze them~ so I focused on that first. Also, in that newsletter I learned that the neighborhood gym is getting two new universal weights systems in October. I already go to the gym and love it, and it's free. And so this was something I really felt was created (cocreated) by me for me. That got me stoked, perceiving myself as creating stuff in my neighborhood for myself once again. A new cycle of that! woohoo.

So, Tuesday was the first day I got a chance to go to the NOW free Sewing Club (that a cool HOW, too) . The sewing club is only on Tuesdays. The ceramic club has the rest of the building and meets on Mondays and Wednesdays. I really did enjoy the sewing club. I took my machine, tools and fabrics and sewed 3 flags and strung (sewing) a set of em together. Then I custom cut a shipping box to size. I enjoyed the 5 other woman and the camaraderie was warm and inviting and fun. And the place has a wonderful location, secluded in the country, over looking a lake, and only 3.5 miles back in my neighborhood (pictures soon to come).

Longer story made short, one of the women and myself started talking about how my flags are like Buddhist prayer flags, but smiley play-er flags. She shared she does yoga and has a Buddha statue in her zen garden, though she made it clear she was not religious or Buddhist even.  And that she was interested in my flags but would like a set with out the smiley faces, and maybe a different shade of red. She even began showing me photos of her statue, and her paintings, and quilt work, on her phone. Beautiful. I felt to say sure, I can do that for you.

Then, there was more talk about the ceramics club. Most of these women were involved in that too. So are a few other women. No guys, yet. I suddenly get this knowing to present the idea of that she pays for my ceramics club membership, which I thought was $25, but they said $30, in exchange for a set of my flags. I could bring them tomorrow I said. She said she only comes on Monday, so no worries on having em done tomorrow, but YES, she thought that was fine.

So then there's this discussion about how much to charge me for the rest of this year, yada yada. I thought it was a year from the date you start, but no they have reasons why it's easier to go from Jan. to Jan. and to do the math / months til Jan. I let em figure it out LOL. I kept sewing and smiling inside! Next thing I know this woman, whose buying the flags, hands the other woman 40 bucks and says please pay for Richann's rest of this year and all of the next, as well as something so she can start creating something tomorrow! There's an additional cost per cup for the mold, the slip pouring and firing and glazing and paint / item. I looked through the catalogue with the woman who runs the ceramics club and I can do a coffee mug for $1.50-2.00. :D Woohoo. She also told me I can use my silk screen making skills on making my smiley faces on the cups. woohoo. So, that's my HOW. The magical unexpected fun and surprising way that goal was met!

And I sold a set of PLaY FLaGs to that woman so,  yeah only 11 sales left to go to meet my Patreon posted goal! Haha, I'm also learning patience and the value of the experience of delayed gratification! Trust my timing, and all that, while still thinking and feeling and knowing BIG.

Now as far as the asking for $1, $3, $5 and $25 / month Patreon Patronage Supporters and that
"I would use the $150.00 for the utilities, internet, etc. and to purchase any supplies I need, inks, fabric, thread, webbing to keep sewing on, and sew on. :)oh and the coffee, sugar and creamer lol"
Here's my update on that part of the FuN with the HOWs.

We had some amazing magical unexpected ways we kept the power and the air conditioning on, as well as, and we bought some toilet paper! Have fun and carry on.