Hello lovely people:

This month has been absolutely crazy! Between announcing my move to Canada, traveling to the US for a whirlwind trip for a wedding, and now back in Oman selling off our belongings to leave I've been in a bit of a tizzy. And with all of this, I'm happy to say I'm making art and making things happen for our community :)

(1): I have two webinars this month coming up on figure drawing. If you want some practice drawing time and some tips on better drawing the human form, you can sign up here: https://app.webinarjam.net/register/14015/a14003218e. Please be sure to change your timezone so you know when to join me!

(2): I have some good articles for you.

(a) Tips and Tricks to Build your Art Habit: http://wp.me/p6Xq2T-2dX

(b) I'm obsessed with embroidery lately and was impressed by this unique use of textile art: http://wp.me/p6Xq2T-2e7

(c) Do you struggle to finish your art? http://wp.me/p6Xq2T-2dY

(d) Setting big goals, and how it's actually OK to not fully reach them: http://wp.me/p6Xq2T-2e0

(3) I'm also pleased to share with you I have an awesome challenge I'm hosting this October called #BeCreativelyCourageous. It's a monthly long free activity where YOU set a goal for your art. YOU think about what success means for your art. And YOU get creating and sharing your work! :) I'm here as your cheerleader. For almost 12 years now I've been teaching art, in and out of schools, and I want everyone to find their creative voice and feel empowered to create. If this sounds good to you, sign up here: https://app.convertkit.com/landing_pages/89384?v=6 We already have 160 something people joining us

(4) Working on my embroideries and not my paintings or cartoons. Trying this thing where I focus on one art activity for 6 weeks at a time. It's taking the pressure off, especially with this move across the world! You can see some of the work on my Instagram feed here: http://www.instagram.com/artiststrong

I think that covers most of our September news... lots of good stuff happening. :)

Let me know, do you like updates like this? Or do you like my posting more randomly as things occur? Let me know what you like: I do this for you!



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