Hey folks! Thought I'd pass on an update about developments on the site.

The big recent update (which if you follow me on Twitter you probably already know about) is the ability to modify your saved builds. This is something I've heard people asking about for years, and I finally got around to implementing it. More details here: http://blog.mugenmonkey.com/2016/09/28/build-updating.html.html

The major thing I'm working on, though, is a native mobile MugenMonkey app. For now it'll just be for Dark Souls 3, but if people like it I'll expand to the other games. I'm hoping to have an initial release of it finished by the time the DLC comes out -- I may miss that target, but it should be within a few weeks of that. The plan is to release an iOS and Android version, but I'm focusing on Android first (so the first iOS release may lag a bit behind).

There will likely be a free, ad supported version as well as an upgrade to a "premium" version for a dollar or two. All of my Patrons will get a free premium version if you want it. :) The free version will be fully featured, but only let you save and browse builds locally. The premium version will let you sync with your builds saved on the site as well as browse other people's builds.

As always, let me know if you have any suggestions for the site!