Hi Patreon! I've been posting kitten updates over on ye olde Facebook, but if you're not on there and here let me catch you up.

At the above link you'll find two of the three newest feral kittens helping me re-enact a scene from Total Recall (not Alien as the post seems to suggest), with Pablito in the role of Kuato.  The Feral 3 are actually now The Feral 2, as a nice lady took Robin to a new long-term foster home.

The other two are coming along. Pablito isn't coming along quite as quickly as I might like and he's going to need a lot of extra work. In happier news, when I pull Knuckles out of his hiding spot he sits in my lap without trying to flee and demands belly rubs, so he's doing great. I'll try to get better pictures of them, but they're still a little too wild to get a good portrait shot.

All five of the original kittens just got their big boy and big girl surgeries, and they're in recovery. Recovery isn't going great, because Pollux had a really bad reaction to anaesthesia and a couple of the other kittens had lesser versions of the same, so it's been a very stressful couple of days. I've had to segregate Roxanne because she was getting upset and I didn't want her acting out and potentially hurting one of her kids. That sort of thing doesn't usually last past three days at the most, so hopefully by Tuesday we'll be out of the woods. 

In brighter news, a hopefully nice couple is coming by to see Lutra on Saturday with an eye to adopting him. Let's hope that goes well!