I will be helping my co-conspirators in recording some Foley art tomorrow for the motion comic. This is a super difficult, time consuming process, and I'm really excited to see how it sounds with the rest of the audio, which is my part in the art. I happen to be the only one in this project that has a mic of good quality.

In the journey to become an amazing actor, one must get familiar with all the aspects of the trade. Some things you don't actually do yourself, but should have a healthy respect for it. For Foley art, I not only have a great respect, but a sincere facination for it. Needless to say, I will be having a lot of fun.

Also, I have signed up for classes on improvisational acting! Thanks to offline donations from the fans who don't have ready access to a computer, or bank account. One of the least amazing of my skills happens to be improv, and I believe that conquering my weaknesses will be a huge step forward, dont you? Plus, all the great actors and producers out there say that having a background in improv, or at least an understanding of such, will put your resume at the top of the pile!