Hi everyone! So with April almost here, I wanted to give updates on the rewards! for my upper tiers, make sure you give your address (tell me if it didn't ask you) so I can send your Polaroids . i will send these ASAP and after your payment goes through 😊 As for also the exclusive pics, I will be getting those ready in a drop box/google share/ something early over the weekend .Also, for the sith lords pls be on the lookout for a poll that asks which date would be good for a monthly patron only stream (it will be via  patreon or some other platform) where you can hang out with me for ~30 min and ask me whatever and such. pls note that these are rated PG (maybe PG-13 cause I cuss sometimes or whatever). Message me or email me with any questions you may have! thank you so much for all your support!
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