Updates and Apologies

It's hard to create content.

Still, I need to make more.

I'm sorry to all ya'll in Patreon Land. I look at people who really make stuff on a consistent level and think, "Man, how do they do it?" The focus is incredible.

Part of the issue with Free Therapy is the unanswered question, which is, basically, Just what is Free Therapy anyway?

Is it a music show?

A blog?

An analysis of music?

An art project?

What is it?

Well, that's debatable. It's a radio show, yes, but there is a blog too, there are special episodes, there are secret ambitions I hope to get to, someday. My big issue is that if you're paying for extra content via Patreon, you better darn well get it. 

I want you to not just feel like you're supporting me for the sake of support. Don't get me wrong, if you are, thank you beyond the phrase "so much." I can count multiple times when, at the start of the month, this Patreon money changed my week (especially in regards to food; seriously, scouring floors for quarters in an experience that gets tiring after your mid-twenties.)

So, with that in mind, and all that out of the way, we're gonna move forward. I'm making more swag.

Currently the music book is going well. I will start posting chapters here. The book is tentatively titled CPR SONGS AND THE FIRING SQUAD BLUES. It's a series of essays on certain songs that link history (both cultural and personal), aesthetics, biography, conjecture, and flights of fancy to go into why a song gives me the chills. Most of the music is agreed to be some of the best in the popular canon of the last 100 years, so the "artistic taste is completely subjective" theory ain't exactly endorsed, but I also pick stuff that's kind of obscure and just has a weird deep personal history, so the "artistic taste is completely objective" mindset certainly doesn't work either. Anyway, I'm hoping you like the stuff that arrives. The idea is to give songs, specifically under-mentioned ones, their fair shake. Meaning, while there will be an essay on "Heroes" by David Bowie (which, really, is hard to do after Chris O' Leary's fantastic entry on his blog: https://bowiesongs.wordpress.com/2011/05/11/heroes/ ), this is going to be a rare exception. There will be more essays on material that needs new commentary. I avoid political discussion or viewing stuff through a preset ideology, meaning you're not gonna get any references to, say, Donald Trump or current events or even a lot of judgment towards the artist. We are all trapped by the time we live in, and if Martin Luther was anti-semitic or Martin Luther King Jr. was a womanizer, so be it. We're all flawed and awful, no?

Meaning, if an artist has written something disturbing or challenging and their personal life validates that this wasn't just a fictional event (here's looking at you, Lou Reed), I'm not going to go off on some virtue-signalling crusade. There is a certain moral superiority in music journalism these days, a kind of anti-Creem mentality that seems, more than anything, a grappling with the first crop of music journalists that rose up in the late 60's/early 70's (Bangs, Christgau, Marcus, etc.)

On the other hand, if the artist has baggage and bad things about them, if they've committed evil, I may explore this in relation to their song. It all really depends on if such an exploration helps us understand the work of art better.

So, with that out of the way, what else?

A series of video essays on certain aspects of creative action. Two of the first include David Byrne's approach to dancing and David Bowie's collagist tendencies. May investigate Joni Mitchell's guitar tunings; more research required. I don't want a chillhop "um, uh" breezy 8 minute format that's been overdone after the success of innovators like "Every Frame a Painting" and "Nerdwriter."

Well, there's a novella coming out. It's been on the brain for two years. We'll see what happens. I'm planning for Fall, but who knows?

And also the album. Ah yes, the album. Tentative title is called "You're a Very Bad Monk," but things change.

And with that, I go make breakfast, and hope these Summer months bring more content for you. Thank you for your support. Cheers.