Updates (and Penny)
I've changed a few things on the reward tier this mornin. Prices didn't change, they are the same. I added a few things though and simplified what I had on there so it's easier to read. Or at least I think so.

Changes made were:

Added a new reward to the $1+ tier. Plushie/chibification machine. Similar to the comics, one chibi or plushie version of cannon or my OC's shall be posted each week on patreon. One of these out of the month will be free for viewing and posted other places as well.

Added a new/updated reward to $6+ tier. Everything that is in the tier under it shall be in the dropbox package, with full rez and PSD files. Comics, sketchs, etc. Before it was just the pinups, now it's everything.

There may be an occasion where I release some of the reward files here and there in later months for free viewing, but until $500 is hit it won't be entire packages. Please do disregard the number of pledges on the front page, as I am still being spammed with bots. It's not a bazillion of them, but they are there nonetheless and the number is inaccurate. But Patreon did say they were working on something so will just have to wait and see.

So! Added some fun things and such, and I'm hoping ya'll will like them and will be super fun woo! Super fun things ahoy!