Updates and Diablo
So I took a week off last week to play the new season of Diablo, and I've been spending this week trying to get back into a "work mode". The week before I was going to take a week off to play diablo, I made 15 YuGiOh videos and 2 wow videos so that I could take the week off while still having content on my 2 channels that earn me my income basically. And since I made so many videos in such a short amount of time, I was in a super "work mode" when the diablo season started, and I actually wanted to stop playing to make more videos.

Well It only took about 2 days for that to go away, and I had a great time doing nothing but playing diablo for a week. Fun stuff, kinda like a mini vacation.

Anyways, I've spent this week trying to get out of play mode and back into work mode, and its going ok I guess. Kinda slow, and I sometimes just lay on my bed and literally do nothing when I should be making a video, but I'm slowly adapting.  God my job is great isnt it?

I'll be posting a strawpoll for one of my next videos shortly. It seems my top 10s are doing well lately, but so did that garrosh video. Maybe I should do one for Illidan or Arthas too? I've gotten tons of messages asking to do just that but I dont think they'd be as good as the Garrosh one.